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Church History

On April 2, 1988, God led Pastor Hill, to read the classified section of the Dallas Morning News where he saw an ad for a fully furnished church. Rev. Willie Owens was retiring from the ministry and wanted to sell his church, Greater Saint Luke Baptist Church. Rev. Owens was asking for $3,000.00 down and $300 to start the contract. Of the four trustees, Pastor Hill was the only one employed.

Sis. Hill was in school, Bro. & Sis. Price was retired. Knowing he didn’t have $30.00 to give Pastor Hill still asked to see the church. He knew that if God wanted him to have the church, then God would have to give him the money. On April 4th Pastor Hill Bro. & Sis. Price went to view the inside of the church.

As they drove up, they could see that the church needed extensive repairs. The outside wall was caving in, on one side of the church there was no foundation, metal sheets covered it, but to them it looked like a beautiful opportunity.

As they walked in Pastor & Sis. Hill saw the furnishings were practically new, but the inside needed some repairs. Yet they all agreed that this was the church God was going to give them. They all said, “We can take the land!” God blessed Pastor & Sis Hill with the $3,000 to buy the Church. On April 10, 1988 we had our first service. In 2003, the Lord blessed to have the Church remodeled.

God is yet moving and blessing 31 years later. The church is paid off PRAISE GOD! On Sunday January 1, 2012 Old Landmark Holiness Church officially burned the Church note. On Sunday, December 1, 2013, the Lord called Pastor Charles Hill Home to Glory from his works on earth. He was a Faithful Pastor, Husband and Father.

Five years later on March 19, 2018 the Lord called our Founding Mother Evang. Juetta Hill from earth to Glory. She was a dedicated Wife, First Lady, and Mother to her Children. She was an anointed Minister & Singer. We will forever cherish the wonderful Legacy of our Beloved Founders. The work they begin in the ministry is continuing. All praise to God and our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus. We come this far by faith!

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